Thursday, April 5, 2007

two nights with fr. george at mirador

It was a surprise for everyone. We were to attend the mass at Mirador Jesuit Residence as we were invited by Fr. Cris. Traffic in Baguio then was a mess and it was a good thing we came minutes before the mass started. I, together with the rest, had time to find our seats at the chapel. I got to sit near the windows (brrr... cold still) and it was Fr. George I saw sitting by my side. It was only during the praying of the Our Father that he realized it was me by his side.

The Jesuits were having their silent retreat.

When the mass ended, he met all of us and he was very happy to have seen all of us. He asked if we were coming tomorrow (Good Friday) and said we were going there again. He was to celebrate the mass.

We had our Good Friday mass again at Mirador. After the mass, Fr. George invited us to dinner at Dencio's. He wore the hat the department gave him.

I will sorely miss this man...

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