Saturday, May 31, 2008

the last lecture

I never got to finish Alboom's Tuesdays with Morrie. I don't know, there is something about dying in that read that didn't just feel right. I guess we all have some irk when we are confronted with death.

Oprah introduced this professor in her show. He talked about how he is surviving pancreatic cancer and how he is making preparations for his end. There is something about him that was inspiring. Never really felt sorry for the guy.

And now I am reading his book. I'm still in the first few parts of the book and something he had experienced when he was young made me think about my being a teacher.

"When you're screwing up and and nobody says anything to you anymore, that means they've given up on you."

That made me think about a student who just recently texted me. He was asking if I was still going to be teaching senior students. I said I only have one for this year. And I jokingly asked him if he also wanted this class to "suffer" the way they did when I handled them. He laughed and said that even if they had a hard time with me, he really had a memorable year.

I'm not so sure about my being with them is "memorable", but I must say I have been very hard with my students. I have always been. I think this is something that I can say to them. Its not really about making them miserable, I think its about making them feel that they have more to show, to give, to be...

I don't want to give up just yet... I don't want to come to that point that I will give up on someone, especially a student.

I can't wait to read more... the pages are calling me to read further.


Anonymous said...

you know what sir nitz?

you saying that you have been hard on your students just make me think that you really weren't that bad.

there's this idea in my head that says your ways are like this and that it comes natural.

Perhaps, some weren't able to cope up with that, and others "evolved" because of the way you taught us.

arielle said...

hi sir nitz! i read your post... let's just say you're like simon cowell in american idol. LOL.

point is, you KNOW we have something more to show. you have a rich perspective and you're good in english (simon cowell's vocabulary... nosebleed). and your personal inputs are of great value to us students whenever we talk or do something. we tend to just listen and take it all in.

but what sets you apart from simon cowell is that... you're not THAT hard on us. haha.

you're a great teacher sir nitz! i hope you continue doing what you do best! have fun! ^__^