Sunday, January 11, 2009

nature scores a spare

This actually isn't right anymore. The weather forecast never mentioned of any tropical depression nor typhoon. This was just suppose to be a cold front. But the heavy and continuous rainfall alarmed everyone in the city. Recently, CDO had one of its worse flooding with a sudden water surge just a week ago and I can't see why it felt like the city is not prepared for emergencies like this.

It was already 10 in the morning and it was time to go back home. I called and my sister said the heavy rain already made the streets of Nazareth impassable. I said I wanted to get sleep so I would rather get wet. Although it was raining hard, Jake and I were able to hail a taxi along Patag and we couldn't pass through Liceo because the street was already flooded. Then we tried to go pass Tejero and the main highway, but both were also flooded. Flood waters near the Bulua terminar was waist deep. It was like being in an action-suspense movie where we tried to find a way where we could go downtown. The taxi driver was very kind and patient with us even if there was heavy traffic everywhere.

We still had one option, and that was to make use of the Macapagal Road. We thought of going uphill and go to Masterson and use the new bridge and be able to go downtown from Macasandig. We thought of that as our last course of action. When we got to the area, there were a lot of landslide prone areas and mudflow was evident. Unfortunately, we still couldn't pass through because that part there was also flooded. I felt like there really wasn't any way out of it. The taxi driver said he had exhausted all ways to get us to Divisoria and said he will have to drop us back to Patag. We even laughed at the whole idea since it looked like we just has a joyride around and back (of course we had to pay him). He said we should try taking the jeep because they are more elevated.

And so we did and this we encountered. The jeep was able to cross the Liceo area but it was really slow.

I prayed the jeepney would be able to pass through successfully. These student police came from their school in Patag and did most of the traffic monitoring and getting rid of debris of what were washed away from the rain.

The flood was actually everywhere - even in Carmen market. We were able to reach Divisoria and i was able to reach home by 2pm.

I got a text message a friend had to leave their house because of the flood in Barra Opol. I also got a message that there would be no class tomorrow.