Monday, December 18, 2006

a kid's first time

We always experience our firsts...

I just had my first budget hearing both for the LCLC and OSASI set for the next school year. Crunching numbers was never a forte of mine, so the preparations for this day made me mentally under par.

I have heard anecdotes about these hearings… and today I have become part of it.

I think what really bothers me most aren’t really the numbers (my mathematics teachers really did their best to help me with this predicament, unfortunately it just doesn’t work for me) but I think it’s really the responsibility of planning for things to happen in the future.

I must admit I am still a kid (even though my students remind me I’m 20ish and that I have an ample supply of white hair). Being born the youngest doesn’t help at all. Kids like me don’t deal well with responsibilities grown ups have. Kids just want to play and have fun (just like what I do in my classes). I can still remember a colleague telling me in the face I still haven’t outgrown toys (because I still have some hidden in the drawers of my desk).

But kids don’t just come into this world as kids… they were once what we call infants. Infants had to learn and explore numerous things to become kids. For grown-ups, seeing their children learn to walk, talk, and eat for the first time might not be something of an achievement. But for the infant, it’s a milestone.

So does this mean I’m still a kid learning something new? A kid who just had a milestone? Well, its nice to know that at least I’m still a kid.


meily said...

ey sir!! weeee!! you're officially a blogger now. i finally have a way to keep myself updated of you and at the same time read your thoughts. bwaaaahahah! anyway, me like your post. well, as you may notice...i am a kid at heart. i cease to become an adult. i hate being an adult! so many things to think about... no more fun sometimes.. hmmm.. i love being a kid that's why i act like a kid and make maƱa to pipol. hehehe!

let's be kids ayt?? ;)

ingats sir! mishu! visit my blog too! ;)

meily said...

ey sir! according to Blogger Act 1902.. it's a crime not to update. seriously. :P update!!! and merry xmas! happy new year too!!