Wednesday, December 27, 2006

christmas is what you make it -

I have recently heard a lot of people complaining about their degrading annual Christmas celebrations. One can't help but feel the same way. Times seem to go parallel with the "Oh-gone-where-the-days" sentiments of the majority.

You get bitten by the same bug too and tell yourself that "It seems the last year was better than what we have now".

This might be way too off but I can quote a line of a character from 'The Name of the Rose' of Umberto Eco, (please don't ask me if I have already finished reading it) he aptly stated something similar about education. People might agree with his thoughts... others may find it offensive.

"In the past men were handsome and great (now they are children and dwarfs), but this is merely one of the many facts that demonstrates the disaster of an aging world. The young no longer want to study anything, learning is in decline, the whole world walks on its head, blind men lead others equally blind and cause them to plunge into the abyss, birds leave the nest before they fly, the jackass plays the lyre, oxen dance..."
My mom, sisters and I were able to buy toys for our younger cousins (yes, kids!) and while everyone was feasting on the catered Noche Buena (for the simple reason that everyone in the house opted to let somebody else do the daunting task of preparing food), my sisters convinced our cousins to eat a full meal (you know kids, they could not finish up what’s in their plates) so that I could give them their presents. Oh! So it was I who was going to be the Santa for the night(all of his elves reading this blog are laughing out loud).

After Noche Buena, when everyone gathered around our living room (I don’t remember if I have finished up my own plateful, these kids are way too anxious!) I went to do my Santability and boy did the children have the time of their life! We never wrapped them since they were going to tear them up anyways. Toys flood the floor. It was a good thing they were not on the table; otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the true fruits from the plastic ones.

I did not complain. I was happy. I made other people happy. I made my own Christmas.

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me? how bout me? where's my present?? santa.. give me a present please. :P


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