Tuesday, March 13, 2007

old mchumor had some strips!

We did some revisions with the literature compilations, and we all worked together to actually beat the deadline. While everyone was working in the revisions, I actually had this idea of working on the layout of the lit com, to -you know, make it a bit more of a book than a compilation. The selections were good, and I thought making it look more appealing to read would actually make a difference. I must have this thing for layout-making (even if I dont have any good training for it) so, I thought I could contribute a little.

So working on the "look" of the compilation was actually an added work in my part, since I also had my share of pages to edit and revise. No complains here, but the pressure was really building up, considering there were still practices for the graduation ceremony and other other activities since it was already the end of the school year.

I should get myself more lessons in publishing.

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