Saturday, December 1, 2007

don't ask why its pink (or is it red?)

Never really thought of getting myself one. Yeah, of course I love music but these things are like, say, cellphones that come out more as a fad than something you need. If I'm right these are already the second generation of shuffles and heaven knows what the next one may look like (not to mention how they would market the latest and make you feel you need to get a "better" one than what you already have.) A consumer faces the toughest dilemma. Will he choose the one available in the market and get it while it still hot. Or, will he wait for the price to go down and settle with the discman or any pre-mp3 player he has (yes, it is still one thing I never regretted getting one for myself). But there's the rub! Before you know it. After waiting and saving up for that techie gadget you have always wanted in years, you go to the store and the clerk offers you the latest one (with all the new design, apps, features, whatever-you-call-them) and you drain yourself into thinking if you should stick to your first choice or spend impulsively with the new release.

Let's just say I got one and I'm contended with it. The after service for Apple is good and so is iTunes. It has a lot on it going on like synch-ing, synch-ed and synch-en (whatever suits you) but its cool. I think that's what the Apple company want the consumers to feel.

And don't ask why its pink (or is it red?. Its not like its my favorite color.

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