Monday, December 17, 2007

that holiday present

Work can be very overwhelming and debilitating. Before you know it, after checking all the literary critiques and book reports, its already back to work on the 3rd of January (I still don't get it why it has to be that early, come on!). And so, I had to think of something I had to keep my mind off all the work. I got to think of making some personalized gifts for the people in school (especially the people I work with in the department) and I came up with the idea of giving them a Christmas CD. I bumped into Diana Krall and Josh Groban and thought of combining jazz and choir music together. Krall’s and Groban’s voices can make you want to drink hot milk and snuggle up the couch this yuletide season.

Anyways, I also had to make sure to create a good cover for it and settled for this gold motif with a picture of a gold Christmas ball hung up a tree. I got to cover the top with parchment to create a frosty look and tie the whole thing up with gold ribbon. I also had personalized copper-colored cards with a simple holiday greeting. (Gee, I wish I could have just taken a picture of it.)

Making those gifts actually took time and effort to make. But that’s exactly the point!

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