Wednesday, March 19, 2008

all good things come to an end...

It is strange.

I remembered in our last ISEW retreat that I burst into tears, and then that time I said to myself, that this is some school year ahead of me. Crying for me is very hard to do. I have difficulty expressing my innermost feelings especially when I am with other people. It was that night that I thought that the year would be full of tears. I was really scared.

And it came true.

I will not enumerate all the sobbing (ok, so I cried in front of the Mayer class, ask them why). That's not what I am writing about.

Five of our very good colleagues in the department will not be with us for the next school year. This exodus in our department is something that I never really thought would happen. But, we really can't expect everything to come as we want in in our life. These personalities have been very exceptional in their teaching, going beyond what is expected of them as they have been true examples of what it is to be a teacher at the Ateneo.

Ma'am Pearl - Thank you so much for believing in me. You have been instrumental in my being a part now of the faculty. As your student, I have definitely learned so much from you. Remember the story of "Odo the Snail"? Ha! I will never forget my second year in high school because of that. Your outlook in life and your strength amidst life's trails have made you the mother and leader that you are. You are such an inspiration.

(Ang Neruda ta diha Ma'am.)

Angie - This is parting is such a sweet sorrow. You have been very generous to me and I really appreciate that. Coming back to Xavier was an easy transition for me because you were there to keep me company. I know we have so many difficult times (Here I go again! Sobbing! Argh!) and I am also sorry for that. I know that you only want what is best for me. You are somebody I admire because you are very determined. Sometimes, you get so determined, you encourage others with what to do with lives (it is a positive thing). Your energy is very contagious. In the past year, I have seen you feel weak with so much burden and hurt you feel inside. I also felt that pain in you. I might not have been very responsive (you know me) and was not able to give much consolation. You said you wanted to reach all your dreams and I am really hopeful that your leaving will be a way to grab them. You have always pounded on me the importance of pursuing my goals. For that, you will always be remembered.

(Ikaw sa grammar Angie ha?)

Pamela - I thank you for being a good person to everyone. Your work in the OSASI was very phenomenal. I know you have worked so hard and thats something I admire in you. You make hard task easy and as coordinator, I was very fortunate to have someone like you because our minds sync well. Your simplicity knocks me off my feet. And that smile, is always a good thing to see. I hope that this new adventure in your life help you become better.

(Mu-ambak pa ka sa Sohoton Pam?)

Jake - Why? Why are you leaving us? I definitely feel sad because you are leaving us. Let me just say that teaching in XUHS will never be the same without you. Thank you very much for being a good friend (yes, we are, of course!) to me. You have asked why I am sometimes distant or that I don't express what I feel (well, that's me) when you have already shared to me your whole universe . Thank you very much for the trust. I think all friendships have that as a prerogative. We will surely miss that warmth that you exude for everyone to feel good about themselves. And the voice... yes, that beautiful voice. Imagine, we have been singing since we were in grade 2? Who could have thought we were going to sing together up to now? Its our love for music that binds us together. I don't want to think about future masses, Jake. I won't (stop it!). We have beautiful music together, I always remember you as someone you will sing the other voices, while I (since I'm not that good) sing only the melody. You always innovate and of course, give way (that's generosity of heart, you can't just teach that in the classroom) to make good music.

(Unsa'y next graduation song?)

Yobbie - I wish you all the best. Your news came unexpected. You have been a very great mate since college. Remember our research? I was very proud to have you as a partner. We really did our best to make that work. Who would have thought we would be working together at XUHS? We also have our differences, but I know deep in your heart, you have always been that good person. Thank you for your generosity and care. I think your decision to leave is hard for you but you really put family first in your priorities. I wish you a great life with Yuri in Cebu (I'm saying my best wishes since I wasn't able to during your wedding, sorry!)

(Unsa man ni Yobbie! Bulag na gyud ta for sure!)

This is something for all of you. I hope you like it


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