Tuesday, March 25, 2008

getaway... then getsick

It was suppose to be a summer getaway to remember. The group went to Villa Arcadia to spend quality time together. I had fun, everybody did. The place reminded me of this place in Camiguin (we were just in Mis Or) that had fish ponds all over the place. Even if it was vacation time, good for us there weren't that many people around to bug each other off from their ideal vacation rest. Just what I needed... a good day at the beach. What a great way to take off one's mind from busy work.

But I got sick the next day. Really sick. Like sick for the whole week. I think I got the flu. The doctor who asked why I already took some prescriptions, just said I got the best medicine (yeah, and I had to pay for your fee) (my sister thinks she is still in med school) so there was really no need to give me more meds.

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