Monday, November 10, 2008

banda ni papet!

I had to make a rush to the main campus for the auditions for the Xavier Day's program on the 3rd of December. Jake and Jo were very much of great help to bring their club members with them to the audition location. I spotted... (ok so they spotted me first)

It was Banda ni Papet!

It was very refreshing to see these guys perform. They really wanted to be a part of the whole program for the opening. I haven't seen these guys in years. When they were still with us they had the passion and the drive (did I forget talent?) to perform. I was able to provide them a venue during the HS show in the main (oh yeah, that was still during XU Days) and during their grad ball, we distributed their songs in CD as memento for their batch (there were during bands during their year. I remember coming up with a jingle writing activity for these kids for SV Agreement just to get them to appreciate grammar!) 

I guess all the bands wanted to be there since I also saw John Ganzan and Paolo Ang's band and they now call themselves Random. 

And Soundtable was there too. This is all getting weird. I had three students in the band. Joshua and Raffy now are with that band. 

And also spotted...

Hey, why is John Paul here? He said his band was auditioning too! Small world!

We ended the whole thing at around 11pm. Not so good. I think my body is failing me. 

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