Monday, November 10, 2008

the brewing starts here... excellence campaign

Lera and I have been all in the talks in making something diffrent this year for the promotions. We did one last year but I considered risking more this year but offering my assistance to her office. I think we could so much with all of her ideas and mine for this year. 

We couldnt help but get excited for what will happen this week. 

Christie and Nessa were very much appreciated for their participation for this work. I coudn't be more proud of these very talented students to rise up to the challenge to help us make this dream into a reality. I have already challenged Christie about the project and she was very much willing to work with us. I believe her talent, she has what it takes to make it, and she couldnt refuse me telling her this is something big (and I couldnt just
 let this be handled by someone I couldnt trust)!

Last week we have already chosen those who we will make to appear for the campaign. It wasnt a very easy job, considering the whole thing must well represent the school and they should also photograph well. 

We started early since we only have the whole morning to work this all out. We started in the kiosks and later in the concrete benches. We then proceeded to the chapel and then in the main building lobby. After there we took more in the LRC and the laboratories. We called it a wrap after we got the final shots in the new canteen. 

Phase one is done. I hope things get only better after this. I could sense my stress levels rise. 

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Red said...

sa canteen raman diay padulong! merry christmas pit senyor kang sir nitz ni ! hahaha!