Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the call that will make a change

I was invited by the KASAMA of Mindanao State University - Iligan Institute of Technology to judge the 2nd CineArte Digital Short Film Festival. We had to travel early and arrived at MSU at around 9 am and headed straight to the Board Room. Once we arrived, I got a missed call from Manila and my sister told me to contact PAEF before 1pm.

That got me so worried.

I got to review and judge 6 brilliant works from Iligan. I must say, there is defintinely a promise for film production in Mindanao.

I tried to look for a phone I could use during the lunchbreak. I wasnt that familiar with the Iligan scene and I had to rely with calling using my mobile phone. When I called them I politely said that I couldnt use a landline phone because I was out of town. They said they would call me after 1. That was a relief.

And they did. I excused myself from the judging (we were already looking at their trailers) and picked up the call. Dr. Cunanan told me about my being accepted as one of the Fulbright awardee for this year. I thought the words from the other line cam very slow. She asked if I was expecting it. I told her my superiors were. She said the idea must have given me much pressure (of course it did). Instructions were given. I remeber saying yes and thank you as most of my reply.

I never had this much anticipation. When it came, I never knew what to do.

It is happening.

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