Saturday, March 7, 2009


I never thought that iPod could give me so much stress. I had my laptop reformatted (which everyone knows changes your whole life - good thing my trusted tech support was able to retrieve all my files - bless you!) and now it does not recognize my iPod and all the songs in it. It suggested that I sync and erase which I never succumb to (otherwise I would be miserable now). They say its about piracy crap and so I had to research on the net and found forums to help me out with this predicament (even the apple guys had their explanations in more than one page of long sentences - just help me transfer my files! Argh!).

Good thing I was able to get what I wanted (inquisitive me). If you need help, just ask me.

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^_edSie_^ said...

Ganyan din nanyari sa ipod ko. I gave up.. nabura kasi lahat ng songs ko when I synced it. Well, lucky for you that you were abel to resolve it.