Friday, March 20, 2009

i know every mile has been worth my while

I would like to grab that line from this batch's graduation song. I would like to think that this year, that is what I felt throughout the school year. These are just some of the snapshots I got from the graduation.

Jessa and Nicole, Chair and Vice -Chair of the Light Cavalry Leadership Community 08-09. It was a pleasure working with both of you.

Mc, thanks for the inspiration and idea (magis welcome remarks) and the music (bagong umaga).

The parent of the awardee, (joke!) Ms. May is the OIC for the department.

My other boss, Mr. Gomez. Thanks for the compliment. Although you always teased me about my career path, you have always been the most sane person in school.

Lera and Jinny are the best buddies to be with (when I just have so much of work).

The four conductors - on tour (you see the vessel at the background? LOL). Thats actually our school.

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