Thursday, July 16, 2009

a day in a life of another

An opportunity like this doesn't happen everyday. Since things are still in limbo in my own workplace, I might as well grab the opportunity of getting myself out of all off the hype and be somewhere else. I texted Catherine for help and she was very much willing to take me with her in her work out of town. Everything was set.

I just enjoyed being just there for the ride. Having to live a life of a med rep made me appreciate the work and how hard these guys are doing their job. Its never a bad thing to also learn some rep lingo such as "balikan", "sleeping" and "ins" and "outs". It was interesting to eavesdrop to their conversations while still trying to digest "consciousness" and "presence" from Ekhart Tolle's "A New Earth".

Tat felt sleepy on our way back so I tried reading to her some pages. There were some ideas that we tried to reflect on and I think the whole thing made Jason sleep in an instant.


domho said...

nice to have a really nice friend there plus a really good view!

wanderingcommuter said...

i miss out of town trips bigla

Inkversified said...

where is this place?

Inkversified said...

hey where did you go? anyway, it's good that you released you stress :)

Inkversified said...

regarding your inquiry if you can use my blog, no problem. can i know for what purpose? thanks!

Anonymous said...

wow! i love those pictures! the view is fantastic!

thanks for stopping by my blog!

enjoy the rest of the week!