Friday, July 10, 2009

what tweaking does

Trying to tweak my phone wantonly, I thought of trying to change its password. You see, my phone has this password feature that you could keep your pictures, music and messages safe from potential scandal providers. Now this feature can be accessed in the phone settings which also includes PIN check and Phone Lock. I got it all messed up and ended up changing the PIN... thrice. Then the worst thing happened to a prepaid subscriber who has not kept his PUK. I have definitely lost the battle. It was like my adrenaline was maximized and woke me up from my then stupid state to the sad reality that I will not be able to use the number anymore. I searched the web for consolation, called up their hot line with the person on the other line not even trying to keep his American twang (since he's sure he takes local consumers).

I have had a quite similar experience (does losing a phone count?) with the other network and they were able to give me a new SIM but I retained my phone number with it. This network, on the other hand, said they don't "recycle" numbers. I was just making the person on the other line realize that it would be quite tedious on my part to get another SIM and tell my more than 500 contacts that I have just changed number. I got a "just-read-this-line-if-the-consumer-is-annoying" response saying "We are very sorry about that, sir... Blah, blah, blah." My efforts were futile.

The next day, I was in the mall trying to figure out if I my new number would have a 6 on it (I just think its a lucky number for me). It didn't.

And then the sad attempt to let all 500 know about how one day I was reckless started.

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