Saturday, April 25, 2009

and the camerlengo is ewan

"Here it is." A student of mine handed me a book that looked bloated I never realized it was mine. "But, what happened? This was definitely not in this condition before." I blurted my quick response. Seeing me disappointed, the student said his apologies. He was not the person who I lent my Dan Brown's Angels and Demons, he actually got it and made the mistake of getting it wet - a worse thing you could do with a paperback (there are a lot of other ways - like burning it). He was actually waiting for the hand of God (my hand for the matter, considering that I could have made his school life worse for this simple mistake of ruining my book) to punish him but I don't remember doing anything like that. I considered it more as an accident. I just remember how disappointing it felt that day. I even thought of getting myself a new copy (which I never did since I still have the bloated paperback with me).

I always thought this story was better than that story about a codex that "shook" the world (how come? there isn't even a key?) . While reading it, I even had a scene in mind where the camerlengo encourages everyone to pray (I hope I am not going to be disappointed this time).

Why Ewan? No offense, I don't have anything against this guy. I must say this guy has talent! (no pun intended) when he did Moulin Rogue, The Pillowbook and Starwars. I just had someone else in mind.

Anticipating for its opening in cinemas, I was thinking of reading the book once more.

Oh, the kid failed to graduate that year and I have absolutely nothing to do with it or was it because of the book. Really.

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The Scud said...

angels and demons is better than da vinci code. sana ang movie ganun din. da vinci code the movie sucked.