Monday, April 13, 2009

things to discover

Okay, Discovery Channel is where I would usually stop and be a couch potato when I have the remote in my hands (though its not the only channel I get to dwell). Well, the world is really awesome and everyday you get to learn more and more things about it. So what if some things are not as necessary for you to live by, but then again, it would'nt hurt to know about things, right? 

MythBusters is just such a great watch that every episode is never a bore. Adam and Jamie try all these myths, urban beliefs and legends etc (things we just hear or even talk about but dont try to really verify it) and try to make it work to see if they are busted or confirm. Grant is such a great guy in the show with his knowledge of robotics.  Tori and Kari have also been coming out with their own investigation and probing to some myths, and they even learn from what viewers have to say and do them again.

Whether in a forest or a desert, Bear Grylls seems to survive every time with his skills and techniques in Man vs Wild. You'll never know when you'll be needing those survival skills (if you get lost or something). Of course he has aids with him in the show (duh? who takes the camera shots?).

I wonder if Discovery Channel will still have another season for Most Evil. I like what Dr. Michael Stone has done in his research in his "scale of evil". Creepy but still makes me want to watch it. 


Pipo said...

this is my house mates' favorite. hehe.

Rico said...

Bear Grylls is so crush-able. Grant Imahara is charming. What more can we ask for?