Sunday, April 5, 2009

magnolia ice cream is back! even better!

I got the chance to drop by the local supermarket and to my surprise I got hold of what every little kid during my time wanted. Magnolia is definitely back to bring all of those who love ice cream back to their childhood moments (remember Anton Ego having his taste of Ratatouille). I was suppose to get any classic flavors they still have but then something better caught my eyes. I got the tub (paid for it) and almost ran like that kid who wanted to show his mother the stars in his hands after a good day in school. Chocolate Creme Brulee is a Limited Edition but I hope I could get more of this.

It does bring back all the good memories. I even recall having enjoy ice cream with a burger in the Magnolia Ice Cream Parlor inside Gaisano City.


shal said...

ga- Anlene ka nitz???

the donG said...

weve been celebrating it's come back since last year. the classic vanilla is our all time favorite.