Saturday, April 18, 2009

i want the whole world to know about my infinite mercy...

What would you have done if Jesus asked you for this favor?

We got to the shrine before the mass started. Call it a miracle, I was never grumpy when they woke me up even if I slept at around 2am. I didn't even doze off while we traveled from the city to El Salvador where the 50 foot Shrine of the Divine Mercy stands and overlooks the Macajalar Bay.

There were already a lot of people so we decided to stay where we could still breathe air (that says a lot about the pictures). The mass songs naturally echoed through the hills and made me sing (wait, it made me sing... the repertoire is so familiar) I sms (sorry) Jake -

"Are you at the Divine Mercy Shrine? Are you conducting the choir today?"

There was something about the mass (the people and the sacrament) that made the event solemn. I just appreciated Msgr. Monsanto's sermon that sounds more like a classroom lecture which comes complete with a ppt presentation (hey, if you want to learn more about your religion, might as well get it from a "teacher", right?).

I tried to get my way around the shrine (I had my camera with me, that was my excuse) to take some shots around. Again, the mass overwhelms me with their reverence. It wasn't the Malasag bedlam I had in mind minutes before we arrived.

An hour ago it was still dark with the stars and the moon above us, an hour later the sun bathed everyone as it rose from the bay.

When we left, a family friend we tagged along said something about the mass and how it felt good having it to start the day. That made me think I haven't been attending masses early morning. Something about starting the day right, I guess.

After the mass Jake replied with a "Yap. How was it?"

I said "It was lovely, it was so familiar. Afar, I could see the conductor's hand move I swear it was you."


sherwin said...

Thanks for the comment!

the donG said...

the title alone speaks the most important message of the Holy week. that's gigantic and it also symbolizes of His infinite mercy.

Millionaire@age20 said...

nice twist at the end . . .