Tuesday, April 14, 2009

future reads

I havent been reading lately. Would someone please recommend me a good book to read? Yes, I have some books unread or half-finished but there is something about just having a new book (smell the fresh crisp paper) and what new adventure it holds in store for the reader.  I was going over the old books I have in the library and I have this volume 1 of a 1959 hardbound book "A Treasury of Great Science Fiction" which had short stories of fiction writers who have the eye for what the feature has in store. It has with it a story by Philip K. Dick which was odd because it involved aliens (recall: Men in Black - the farm guy whose body was used as a skin by an alien? yeah, that one)

Microsoft has presented what it thinks the world will be in 2019. Now so far distant future. Please dont tell me you dont see some similarites with Minority Report (which in fact was also by Dick)

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Aileen said...

Interesting vid! It does look a bit like Minority Report. I'm hoping for the instant chicken to happen though (as in the movie Fifth Element).