Wednesday, May 27, 2009

love it!

Met my brother Darwin at the Terrace and ate dinner. He then introduced me to Gelatissimo. He said I should try it. I got Choco Hazelnut and Tiramisu. A lot of people were getting their flavors. I suggest you try one too.

Christie, Jessa and Melanie got to try the Edge Coaster at the Regency. They got to have certificates too.

I got the call from the Embassy. I am to report on June 5. One more step.


Rcyan M. said...

I want this too! Hehe. May free taste ba nito? (^^,)

An Asian Traveler said...

It looks tasty. Where is Gelatissimo located?

Meanwhile, I have another nerve-wracking ride entry. Curious about the The Tornado Ride? Visit my page if you have time. Have a great day. :)

Inkversified said...

I experienced all these when I was still working in Cebu..such a nice place to be in.. Will be there again soon..