Friday, May 22, 2009


Teriyaki Boy opened in SM City Cagayan de Oro and if you have been to their other stores you would realize it has a different feel. A little reseach reveals that Teriyaki Boy hired Kuni Philippines to redesign and update the store ambiance. It feels more like a resto than a fastfood shop. The space is a little bit claustrophobic but you still have some good breathing space.

I might be wrong as I am just speculating, but it seems like they took inspiration fromUma Thurman's attire (reference to Bruce Lee) in Kill Bill and made it in a living space. Haha!

I need to have more of their Kani salad.


fufu said...

wow... itadakimasu!! tamemasho!! i love jpnese food =) hihihihi

jasperjugan said...

love the food in teriyaki boy. aside from the usual gyu saikoro, the sashimi tempura is good :D

tinkerbelle said...