Friday, May 15, 2009

one step at a time

Having to personally meet people I have been dealing in the last few months during the application process, I was more anxious than excited to attend the Pre-Departure Orientation sponsored by the Philippine-American Educational Foundation to all 2009-2010 grantees of the Fulbright Scholarships.

I got to meet the PAEF people for the first time and I think the feeling of anticipation was mutual. Glad to meet Dr. EC and she was very warm in welcoming me to the PAEF office. Ms. Yolly kiddingly said she finally met "the scholar that was very hard to make contact with" - well that was me. Every time they wanted to contact me - I was either mobile or into something else.

Met 34 other grantees from all over the country. There were only three of us for the FLTA program. Janeth will be in Stanford University, Language Center and Alawi in Skyline College. Both of them get to stay in California, way far from where I will be.


Cathapulan said...

omg. you're a fulbright scholar!!! hardcore! congrats :)

i did try on applying but ive had second thoughts. hehe. pero mrag dili man sad ko guro mu qualify kai mrag that's for teachers lang man diba? hehe. where ka dapit?

Cathapulan said...

and unsa pud na field?