Sunday, May 24, 2009

the next page

I wish I was able to tell you about what I really feel. Never had the chance after that last day in school. Its been what --- years and I can still say to myself that I never got that chance to move on and work my way out of this situation. This might just sound so absurd and meaningless for you. This was never what you thought it would be. I am stupid not to have done anything about it. I can't always make you an excuse, as I have always done. It has been very convenient on my part and yet it hasn't been helping me grow. I have to give up the role I have labeled you. This is not good for the both of us.

Just today, I bumped into something I shouldn't have gotten into. But then I did because I wanted to know how it was for you to be loved. I discovered all the bitter pills I need to take.

I need to get to the next page of my life. I need to write and continue exploring what life awaits for me. I have been always breathing in and not breathing out.

In the next few pages, I will let go of you.

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the one-girl revolution said...

hello sir! musta? :D yes i agree with you. teriyaki boy cdo doesn't look like the rest of the teriyaki boy outlets. it's much more posh! haha!

anyway, what school ka sa u.s.? :)