Friday, May 1, 2009

scared the hell out of me


What was that all about Blogger? Did I just almost lose this blog? Its May 1 not April 1!

Nope. It wasn't a bad dream (since I still have problems getting sleep). It did happen. Blogger wasn't able to display my blog. Good thing I was able to get some help from Google.

I was actually tinkering with my widgets and I got that message (so I thought that caused it) until a fellow blogger experienced the same thing and said other blogs also experienced that same thing that happened to me.



freddy said...

Blogger sometime can be very annoying. Maybe their server already overloaded because blog is so booming right now.

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the donG said...

i experienced a problem last year but it didnt happen again. maybe some maintenance glitch.

im not pushing thru CDO we have to move it in davao next month.