Monday, February 5, 2007

press the button, it's yours!

The launching of the English Month Celebration for this school year was graced by Ms. Kris herself (well, that's Mia really hosting the game show-presentation of activities) for the game show Deal or No Deal. Last year, the department was also responsible for bringing to XUHS Manny Paquiao and Oscar Larios (again, we just had students then who were willing to punched in public) as they fought for the championship match.

This new face in the launching of the departmental activities really get students to anticipate and to be interested to the various contests and activities for them. Since last year's launching, I believe the others have then followed suit.

Performances like these would not be possible without the initiative of the faculty members and the assistance of the Edmund Campion and senior students who got themselves involved. I appreciate those people around who see the vision the way we are able to see it... and in the process made it work.

The idea actually just came out from one of our discussions - and people make it happen. Anili just asked me recently what would it be for the next year... I just had a smile on my face.

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