Friday, February 2, 2007

an advocate's quest

I was able to host the Lecture-Presentation on Eco-Spirituality and Sustainable Development with Ms. Chin-Chin Gutierrez. I do admire her in her quest to help educate others about learning more about themselves, and of course, the environment.

The topic was something novel and interesting in a way that she, her own way (with the help of a presentation), related our existence with our relationships with God, others and the Earth itself. I was a bit skeptic and analytical about it (sorry, that's just me using my head again) since the presentation was, for me, a hodgepodge of ideas to prove a point. I don't know, I guess I just see some grey areas or holes in the analogy and such that presenting it to highschool students would actually distort some of the truths we consider as logical.

Moreover, people seemed to appreciate her performance ( I really got confused if it was her singing, her presentation, or just the mere fact that they are looking at someone who is a part of a soap.)

Again, I appreciate her efforts. She was very cordial and simple, I must say. We had a dinner with her and the rest of the PSTAG Officers and there she was able to share her experience that fateful day when her house caught fire. For me, that was traumatic, but for her, I could sense she is someone strong.

I remember teachers as they jokingly tell me to ask some very "important" questions to her like, "How does it feel working with Sam Milby?" or "Sino ba talaga si Eli?" I wish I could have granted their wishes, but when we met, I knew for a fact that she came with a purpose (which, was not to reveal things in her soap) and she delivered.

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