Friday, February 9, 2007

the magic pencil - the way it should be told

The 2 - St. Alphonsus Rodriguez class was able to garner the first place for the Storytelling Contest for the Sophomores during the English Month. Although much of the work was done a week before the presentation, the class was able to pull out a very vibrant and entertaining presentation. When I gave them the piece - The Magic Pencil, they were very excited to make a show to their audience. Even if there were only twenty participants for the contest, the others were eager to make costumes and props those presenting.

Since these bunch of students were very creative, they end up having an 8-minute performance during the practices. We really had to squeeze everything (not to mention peel off some of the lines and actions, to the dismay of some performers).

I appreciate the work done by Jessa and those involved in the making of the props; Lawrence and the performers for the synchronization of the actions and lines. Both Joede (as Annabelle) and Erika (as the goblin) really brought down the house with their exemplary performances. Ideas from Christie, Donna, Andre and Nicole also were utilized to make the most out of the alloted time limit.

When you actually win three times in a row (Earth Song, Math Jingle and Storytelling), that actually means you won a grandslam, am I right? Congratulations guys!

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