Friday, February 23, 2007

mia and me

The work as Coordinator for the Light Cavalry Leadership Community in the school is one tough job. When this was bestowed to me last school year, I never had it in mind in the first place. I guess other people are amazed when I got it. Well, they should have asked me too and we could all join the bandwagon of bewildered people as to how a probationary teacher (just in my third year of teaching) could get the job whose description entails a lot of overtime in school, hard work and planning and management.

Come to think of it, before I got the job I was already staying late in school (How do you think English teachers would be able to read and grade your compositions?) and did my work seriously (just ask my students), but planning and management? Oh come on! The rest of the OSASI team would say I am the most un-multitasking person in the group. I can't really blame myself and other people of my inadequacies. I think I'm that kind of person who would rather work alone and do my stuff than ask help from other people.

And so the greatest challenge then was to work in and for a community. Mia, as the chairperson of the LCLC has been very generous of her time, effort and talent to serve the whole student body and the whole community. Truly, efforts of volunteers really make that difference we all need in this world. You guys deserve the recognition.

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maxxiekay said...

wow. shocking. rodriguez was like..

"ate mia! sikat lagi ka sa blog ni sir nitz!"

okay. so now i know why.Ü

thanks pud sir nitz.Ü thank you very much.Ü