Sunday, February 4, 2007

make music with the ivory keys

The ivory keys aren't pearly white anymore, I should do some cleaning.

I don't know what it is with me and with power interruptions + piano playing. Hitting those keys seem to be more purposeful when things around you go silent. Even when I was still studying to play the stringed instrument, I always hated it when a lot of background noise could be heard. I love the sound of the piano, from the pianissimo, staccato to the forte. It is way too delicate to be harmonizing with the noise of the vehicles and the karaoke system in the neighborhood. It just can't compete. And as a warrior, I know when to use a weapon when it is very potent.

Last night was definitely the right moment. A series of power interruptions caused everyone to go berserk. Something must be done. And so I sat on the stool and I really poured my heart on those melodies. It's amazing how my fingers still remember where they were suppose to be when needed. It was just like my fingers did the talking, or singing, or whatever. I still commit those usual mistakes I had, but I played with my heart. There was no applause after the sixth song. All was still silent. I guess I lulled everyone to sleep.

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