Thursday, February 8, 2007

trees are the kindest things i know...

I have been doing this thing for the second time and boy I made it big this time. I actually made all the first year students (12 sections) plant together at the same time! I had a different strategy last time, but I thought the impact would be a little more felt when they see all their batch mates do the same thing they were doing, and they did.

48 new saplings were planted today. The mini forest had 48 new trees in it. When Manong Bert (my sincerest thanks for the assistance) told me that we would plant the saplings in that area since some did not survive thus leaving some gaps between the rows of trees, I was elated because these new saplings would be with other older trees. I'm no expert in tree science, but it made me think that the new saplings would be more comfortable there (you can now laugh about my hypothesis, sorry science teachers!) Well, I just thought that since the mini forest would be the next attraction some 30 years after today, then these freshmen would be very proud that their trees are there.

It was tiring.

The kids were all around!

Thank you to LC1 06 Volunteers for the assistance (you are meant for greater things).

Doing something good (or should I say great) does make you feel better.

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